Adoption Stories: Lutheran Family Service of Iowa

Kimberly Laube,  Director of Life Ministries with Lutheran Family Service of Iowa, joins Andy and Sarah during the Adoption Stories series to talk about the work of Lutheran Family Service, how LFS helps birth parents and potential adopting parents, and the different routes to adoption. Learn more about Lutheran Family Service of Iowa at, and find Lutheran Family and Children Services in your area at and search keyword “adoption.”

November Lutheran Witness: Singing at the Supper

Rev. Paul Becker, pastor of Concordia Lutheran Church in Kingsport, Tennessee, joins Andy and Sarah to talk about his article “Singing at the Supper: Teaching, Praising and Praying in the Lord’s Supper” in the November issue of the Lutheran Witness, including what we confess when we sing during the Supper, how these hymns teach us about the faith, and a few examples of beautiful texts.

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November Lutheran Witness Preview

Rev. Roy Askins, Managing Editor of The Lutheran Witness, joins Andy and Sarah to talk about the themes in the November issue of LW, why it’s important to have these hard conversations about the Lord’s Supper, and what we can learn about doctrine and practice through this issue. Read this article at

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Beware of Publishers

You can write a masterpiece, only to have it ruined by an inattentive publisher. It would be bad enough if they filled your retelling of Romeo and Juliet with typos, what if you had just penned the ultimate authority on grammar, or perhaps, spelling? Last month, British lexicographer Susie Dent released Word Perfect, a “brilliant […]

Mental Health Monday: Building Industry— Relationships, Ideas, Emotions

Deaconess Heidi Goehmann, LCSW, joins Andy and Sarah to talk about what it means to build industry with building relationships, thoughts and ideas, and emotions, how we make time for relationships in our vocations, and what contributes to our feelings of purpose.

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Hymnody for the End of the Church Year

Matt Machemer, Associate Kantor at Concordia Theological Seminary in Fort Wayne, Indiana, joins Sarah to talk about the themes we hear at the end of the church year, a few of the hymns we sing during this time, and what we learn about our God and the end times in these hymns. Learn about Lutheran Service Book 508, 511, 512, and 516. Find your copy of the Lutheran Service Book Companion to the Hymns at

Jesse Tree: Advent 2020 from CPH

Lisa Clark, Senior Editor for Curriculum Resources with Concordia Publishing House, joins Andy and Sarah to talk about the Advent resources available this year from CPH, the wonderful “Jesse Tree” theme in the materials, and how families and churches can use these materials. Find all of these resources, including the family activity kit, at

Triennial Mission and Ministry Focus

Rev. Kevin Robson— Chief Mission Officer of the LCMS, Rev. Steven Briel— Chair of the Board for National Mission for the LCMS, and Rev. Bernhard Seter— Chair of the Board for International Mission for the LCMS, join Andy and Sarah to talk through Resolution 4-04A from the 2019 LCMS Synodical Convention: “To Expand and Strengthen the Input with Which the Synod’s Triennial Mission and Ministry Emphases Are Determined.” They discuss what this resolution means for these boards, the mission and ministry planning at the synodical level, and what congregations can expect to see in the coming year.

Find the 2019 Convention Proceedings at here.