What fun! Yes, I’m still trying to get that ProBed Freedom Bed. It should help my respiration, circulation, and in preventing pressure sores. Several people stood with me to get that, but it is a pricy item that isn’t covered by Medicare or Medicaid.

Purely decorative, but it shows me with a Klingon world background
This summer I went to Q’onoS. Of course, it included Romulan ale and an occasional prune juice.

Instead of just hoping, we are trying something entertaining, something that just came to me during my most recent visit to Q’onoS. (I cannot give details about that until permission is granted.)

It’s time for a VIRTUAL Star Trek movie marathon. On August 29 at 2 PM central time, We will be gathering in our homes with copies of Star Trek II, III, and IV. We will visit with each other using Twitter, Facebook, and my blog. In the days leading to that event, I may share recipes that I scrounge from the web. Who knows, there may be riddles or games. I don’t know yet. (I also would eagerly accept anything cool you found that could be part of the fun.)

A link to the Star Trek marathon fundraiser https://helphopelive.org/campaign/17488/