On the Nature of Mascots

Brits and Americans share many things. That includes English as a primary language. Well, sort of. Aside from some people’s inclination to misspell words—such as adding a superfluous letter “u” to words like colour and humour—we agree on most things. Well, add quotation marks to the arena of dissimilarities. Nevertheless, we’re normally able to decipher […]

Filling the Shoes of Giants

One thing all humans have in common, is that we are mortal. Immortality is not inherent to our nature, and eternal life can only come as a gift from our Creator. All men and women live and die. In the words of Ecclesiastes: It is the same for all, since the same event [i.e. death] […]

Translating Foreign Languages

How many languages can you translate into English? If the answer is >0, I envy you. I’ve studied four,* and passed all the tests, but have an actual aptitude in none. If I were thus gifted, I would be transferring some of the world’s literary wealth into my native tongue—and vice versa. One of my […]

Happy “Margarita Day” and Happy “Walk Your Dog” Day!

Yep, today we get Two fun things to celebrate. Pour yourself a margarita and take your four-legged buddy on an extra nice walk.

A picture of Snoopy

My old buddy, Snoopy, would have agreed! Currently, I am not a pet-Guardian on my own.

Before I take on the responsibility again, I need to do some learning and figure out how to do things better. Meanwhile, I get to share the home with Cooper, a gentle follow who is a great delight.

Meanwhile, until I’m ready to take on the responsibility, here are Dog-related Books I Want to Read:

(Yes, I understand that some of the training methods in this book have received critique. Things DO change. I still want to look at the history of dog training methods.)

a picture of a dog


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Snoopy’s Adventure for Today

A picture of Snoopy

Some of you know my long-time buddy, Snoopy. We think he is part Chihuahua, part Corgi, if anyone cares. He has been hanging around with us for about 15 years. When we got him from the rescue group, they said that he was about three years old.

That makes him “not exactly a spring chicken.”

He has had a big adventure today. It was another trip to the vet. He took it in stride. I’m not so certain that I am doing so…

He definitely has cataracts… He is not adjusting well to the new house. His peeing all over the house may be the beginnings of some sort of kidney issues, we are waiting to get the results of these tests. His hearing doesn’t seem to be very sharp anymore. We are awaiting test results to find out about his coughing fits, it doesn’t seem to be pulmonary but may be the beginnings of the beginnings of congestive heart failure.

They prescribed some senior food for him…

… And we will take it one day at a time while we can…