All about Me

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Lisa the Wordsmith

I am a woman with a disability who likes to work and play with words. My interests include sound Lutheran doctrine and theology, history, science fiction… I want to be a polymath when I grow up.

All About This Blog

I still haven’t decided what to write about in this forum. It shows… I only blog occasionally. So… Why do I blog?

  • I blog because I want to and I’m not afraid to. I’m not kidding! This is an excuse to work and play with the words that I love so much. You are free to join me if you wish.
  • To develop steady writing routines. (This particular goal isn’t working well right now.)
  • To build a platform for selling novels and perhaps nonfiction. None of my projects are ready for publication yet. I’m working on them all.
  • Because I like talking theology with others who enjoy talking theology. If this doesn’t interest you, just wait. I will probably be talking about something else at any given moment.