Yesterday was Sheila’s last day. She has been a caregiver for just under 10 years. More than that, she has been a friend, co-conspirator in fun, and Sister in Christ.

I will miss her and her friendship. Blessings on the next phases of her life are the best that I could offer.

Yes, I have a couple of people who are replacing her. They seem like quality people.

My new wheelchair is here. It’s a matter of making sure it fits and is adapted to me before I can claim it.

My pressure sore keeps getting worse. I am down to one hour per day on the computer so I can stay off of it. It smells like death.

On the good side, staying on both sides so much is letting me catch up with the Marvel Universe. I had seen none of them. Today, I’m watching MS MARVEL. I think it’s been 4 or 5 weeks worth of this.