It may just be me, but sometimes NaNoWriMo sounds like fun, and other times… NaNoWriMo sounds like fingernails across a chalkboard. (Feel free to insert your favorite annoying sound if that is too cliché for you.)

This year, it sounded/felt like a losing proposition. When a friend decided to try this year, I decided to join in the attempt and be a supportive friend.

After going around in circles and being discouraged for 3 weeks, I decided to obey my intuition. Thanksgiving was wonderful!

Now I am free to return to my “one story a month” self-challenge.

One Reply to “Yeah… I Was Right Not to Want to Do NaNoWriMo This Year”

  1. I- the friend in question- agree that you are doing the right thing. While I haven’t given up on my crazy idea to write a novel, it’s not gonna happen in November, and more likely or not won’t happen at all. As a rule, we have to see goals requiring sustained effort as attainable; otherwise, we won’t put in the sustained effort needed to achieve them.

    Someday, when the revolution comes, and we all eat strawberries, I might finish my novel. But I haven’t been able to prioritize it and probably won’t until finishing seems to be something that I can realistically expect to accomplish.

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