Autumnal Leaves from Tim Mossholder at Pexels
Since Texas doesn’t always have much of a fall season, these leaves will have to do.

3 weeks into my 2 writing projects, and it is time for an update. It gave me a chance to take a breather and look for pictures of fall leaves to post here. I was going to use that image as the header to my website, but it made all the navigation links disappear and I didn’t want to take the effort to fix all that.

My FOCUS MONTH project is this one short story I have been writing on for about 8 months. It is finished in the first draft. After I help Mother with her computer tomorrow, I hope to do the first batch of edits so I can get it into the hands of a couple of people for further critique.

My other project is “One Short Story per Month for One Year.” It is going okay.

Blogging here is taking a backseat. Doing a book review for Zion’s newsletter is still going on. I’m not counting those 2 as “projects” per se. They are tasks of my heart, except when they take a backseat.

What’s going on in your world? Please