I am thinking of trying <https://minimalistbaker.com/5-minute-vegan-golden-milk/> for my breathing and possibly for my digestive issues. It sounds like it could either taste good… Or terrible. I know that Indian medicine has worked for centuries, maybe even millennia. Nothing in this was tested on fetal tissue, no matter how many decades we look at.

If it helps my respiratory issues, especially when I have a cold, it’s a win. If it helps my digestive issues, it’s a win. If it doesn’t taste particularly bad (as in, “if it tastes better than those chalky, hideous, horrible nondairy milks…”) it is at least not a loss.

(Please don’t tell me how delightfully nutty almond milk is, it ISN’T! Please don’t tell me how wonderful soymilk is, it is CHALKY and HIDEOUS. The other 7 nondairy milks are equally HORRIBLE. And don’t tell me that they are natural! The process of suspending nut or soy particles in water for more than a few minutes takes some serious and UNNATURAL processing. Feeding a cow, goat, etc. well and taking some of the milk can be done both humanely and healthily.)