body wrecked in grave clothes, lying in a tomb, with the words, "and on the seventh day, God rested."
And on the Seventh Day, God Rested-Easter Vigil 2020

Yeah, I know. Easter is tomorrow and we are celebrating it rather oddly. Most of us are staying home, live streaming services from what looks like an empty church. A few congregations have found creative ways to gather, like parking-lot services.

Of course, even the smallest of these gatherings is attended by “Angels and Archangels and All the Company of Heaven,” to laud and magnify Eternal God.

Easter services are tomorrow, but I had the privilege of virtually attending Easter Vigil, a somewhat different church service. For starters, it is something of a marathon service. More Scripture is read in this one setting that some people here in one year. Several people have done a better job of explaining it than I will, here are a few of the best:

  • This is a somewhat lighthearted and definitely nerdy explanation. Don’t worry, it is not irreverent. It is a blog post compares Vigil to an Entmoot. (Even if you haven’t read Tolkien’s works, it explains it well enough for the non-nerdy.)
  • Here is an hour-long podcast from Issues, Etc. featuring Will Weedon (NOT Wil Wheaton from Star Trek, next-generation!)
  • This is a lovely hymn, AWAKE MY HEART WITH GLADNESS sung by a sweet-voiced young woman. (Yes, you really need all the verses. It’s the difference between reading as savory trilogy and reading a bumper sticker.) 😉
  • Here is the bulletin from my church2020-04-11 Easter Vigil
  • … And here is the service itself…

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  1. I’m not sure I ever told you about my disastrous experience with the Easter Vigil service in sem. I probably did. But it is indeed a beautiful service. Pastor Kuhfal did it pretty much by his lonesome.

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