Resources from Concordia Plan Services during COVID-19 Pandemic

Jim Sanft, CEO of Concordia Plan Services (CPS), joins Andy and Sarah to talk about what CPS has been focusing on since the start of the COVID-19 crisis, what members and ministries need to know about the CARES Act, and how CPS will continue to support members and ministries throughout this crisis. Learn more about the resources available from Concordia Plan Services at

Translating God’s Word in Times of Pestilence

Paul Federwitz, Chief Information Officer & Assistant Director for Program Ministries with Lutheran Bible Translators (LBT), joins Andy and Sarah to talk about his family’s experience with the coronavirus epidemic in Ghana, the outlook in his community, and how the pandemic has affected LBT missionaries around the globe. Learn more about LBT’s work at

Mental Health Monday: Food, Outdoors, and Physical Touch

Deaconess Heidi Goehmann, LCSW, joins Andy and Sarah to talk about small things like food, being outside, and hugs (or physical touch) that can calm our anxiety and connect us to God in everyday life.

Hear Mental Health Mondays each Monday at 9am CT! Find all episode with the tag “Mental Health Monday.” View Deaconess Heidi’s Mental Health Playlist on Youtube and find all of her writings at

Camp Stories: Walcamp, Kingston, IL

Bill Indelli, Executive Director of Walcamp in Kingston, Illinois, joins Andy and Sarah to talk about what makes Walcamp a destination for families, how outdoor ministry makes a difference in the lives of those who attend, and opportunities for teens and families this summer. Learn more about Walcamp at

CUW Contributing 3D-Printed Masks

Dr. Dan Sem, Dean of the Batterman School of Business at Concordia University Wisconsin, joins Andy and Sarah to talk about the 3D printers at the Makerspace Lab at CUW, how this lab is contributing to the shortage of masks during the coronavirus pandemic, and how others are and can be involved. Read more about this story at Contribute to the campaign at or, if you have a 3D printer and would like to contribute, register your 3D printer at

Camp Stories: Camp Concordia, Gowen MI

Dr. Craig Oldenburg, Camp Director at Camp Concordia in Gowen, Michigan, joins Andy and Sarah to talk about what makes Camp Concordia a destination for families this summer, stories from campers who have benefited from Camp Concordia’s programming, and how Camp Concordia is unique. Learn more about Camp Concordia at

Camp Stories: Lutheran Valley Retreat, Woodland Park, CO

Steve Johnson, Executive Director of Lutheran Valley Retreat in Woodland Park, Colorado, and President of National Lutheran Outdoors Ministry Association (NLOMA), joins Andy and Sarah to talk about how the summer camp industry is fairing right now, what makes Lutheran Valley Retreat a destination for families, and stories of campers that attend programs at LVR. Learn more about Lutheran Valley Retreat at and NLOMA at

Camp Stories: Camp Lutherhaven, Albion, IN

Tim Jank, Executive Director of Camp Lutherhaven in Albion, Indiana, joins Andy and Sarah to talk about what makes Camp Lutherhaven a destination for families this summer, what a typical summer camp day look like, and a story of a camp team member who has benefitted from the blessings of Camp Lutherhaven. Learn more about Camp Lutherhaven at

Camp Stories: Heit’s Point, MO

Mark Nolte, Executive Director of Heit’s Point in Lincoln, Missouri (Lake of the Ozarks), joins Andy and Sarah to talk about what makes Heit’s Point a destination for families, what a typical summer camp day looks like, and information parents would need to know as camp approaches. Learn more about camps at Heit’s Point at