A Pedagogy Led by the Word

Joe Willmann, Senior Instructional Designer with Concordia Publishing House, joins Andy and Sarah to talk about his article “A Pedagogy Led by the Word” in the February issue of the Lutheran Witness, including how pedagogy led by the teaching of the Word different from teaching other subjects, what God promises us regarding the teaching of His Word, and how this can be helpful to parents and teachers.

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Remembering Rev. Dr. Karl Barth

Rev. Dr. Dale Meyer, President of Concordia Seminary in St. Louis, Missouri, joins Andy and Sarah to talk about the sainted Rev. Dr. Karl Barth’s service to the seminary, the legacy he leaves at the institution, and how the Lord uses the seminary and parish to form pastors who lead boldly and faithfully. Read the news release from Concordia Seminary at csl.edu/2020/02/seminary-president-emeritus-barth-enters-rest.

In addition, hear from Rev. Dr. Matthew C. Harrison as he reflects on Dr. Barth’s passing into eternal glory.

Angst, Anxiety, and Asking for Help

Paul Nelson, DCE, from King of Kings Lutheran Church in Chesterfield, Missouri, joins Andy and Sarah to talk about the impact of anxiety on the people he serves, how prepared families are to talk about anxiety, and how the documentary “Angst” could help. Learn more and find a screening in your area at angstmovie.com.

If you’re in the St. Louis area, attend the screening at King of Kings Lutheran Church!
Sunday, March 1, at 6:00 p.m.

The Word of God in Languages of the Heart

Rev. Rich Rudowske, Director for Program Ministries & COO with Lutheran Bible Translators, joins Andy and Sarah to talk about his story of missionary life, the programs of Lutheran Bible Translators, and where God’s Word is now being proclaimed and read because of Bible translation projects and partnerships. Learn more about Lutheran Bible Translators at lbt.org and follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Repent and Turn, O Man

Rev. Sean Daenzer, LCMS Director of Worship and International Center Chaplain, joins Andy and Sarah to talk about the lectionary, hymns, and history of Ash Wednesday.

Lectionary, One Year Lectionary:
Joel 2:12-19 or Jonah 3:1-10
Psalm 51:1-13 (14-19)
2 Peter 1:2-11
Matthew 6:1-6, 16-21

Lectionary, Series A:
Joel 2:12-19
Psalm 51:1-13 (14-19)
2 Corinthians 5:20b-6:10
Matthew 6:1-6, 16-21

Hymn of the Day: Lutheran Service Book 607 “From depths of woe I cry to Thee”
Additional Hymn: Lutheran Service Book 616 “Baptismal waters cover me”

March on the Arch

Brian Westbrook, Executive Director of Coalition for Life St. Louis, joins Andy and Sarah to talk about what Coalition for Life St. Louis does every day to encourage women to choose life, who these women are, and details for the upcoming March on the Arch. Register and find details at stlmarch.com.

March on the Arch, from Planned Parenthood to the Gateway Arch
March 7, 2020 // check-in at 11:00 a.m., rally at 12:30 p.m.
Begin at Planned Parenthood in Central West End,
4251 Forest Park Ave, St. Louis, MO 63108

Caring for Missionaries on the Field

Ali Federwitz, Member Care Coordinator with Lutheran Bible Translators, joins Andy and Sarah to talk about her work with LBT, how her experiences on the field help her serve others, and the unique needs of missionaries on the field. Learn more about Ali’s story and Lutheran Bible Translators at lbt.org/project/missionaries-paul-and-ali-federwitz and pafederwitz.wordpress.com.

Smashing Numbers to Serve the Church

Mark Cannon, CFO, Sr. VP of Finance and Administration for the LCMS Foundation, joins Andy and Sarah to talk about what he does for the LCMS Foundation, the recent St. Louis Post Dispatch contest he entered, and how being knowledgeable about the stock market and economy can benefit the church and also individuals. Read the story at stltoday.com/business/columns/david-nicklaus/nicklaus-reader-nails-with-near-perfect-dow-forecast/article_b25710c9-345d-55d3-8c26-1d297165fb4f.html. Learn more about LCMS Foundation at lcmsfoundation.org.

Mental Health Monday: Fear and Wondering

Deaconess Heidi Goehmann, LCSW, joins Andy and Sarah to talk about the place of fear in our faith and in our mental health, how fear works as an indicator, and the relationship between fear and health curiosity.

Hear Mental Health Mondays each Monday at 9am CT! Find all episode with the tag “Mental Health Monday.” View Deaconess Heidi’s Mental Health Playlist on Youtube and find all of her writings at heidigoehmann.com.

Lutheran Writers at the Writer’s Round Up!

Authors Sarah Baughman, Elizabeth Ahlman, Christina Hergenrader, and Susan Maluschka join Andy and Sarah live from the Texas Lutheran Writer’s Round Up in Warda, Texas, to talk about their favorite genres of reading and writing, the advice they’re sharing with the young writers attending the Round Up, and the next thing they’re writing.

Find Sarah’s book “A Flame in the Dark” at cph.org/flameinthedark.

Find Elizabeth’s books “Ruth: More than a Love Story” and “Demystifying the Proverbs 31 Woman” at cph.org/elizabethahlman.

Find Christina’s several books, including “Shine” and “Family Trees & Olive Branches” at cph.org/christinahergenrader.

Find Susan’s book “Watching Movies with Christian Eyes” at amazon.com/gp/product/1644586401 and “Nameless Women of the Bible” at amazon.com/Nameless-Women-Bible-Susan-Maluschka/dp/1098014782. Find her blog at sites.google.com/view/growinginfaithwithsusan.