I know it’s not really important, snacks are probably a waste of time and calories and all sorts of other stuff. I should focus on meaningful eating.

Guess what! Sometimes small treats are important, too.

I used to thoroughly enjoy popcorn. It’s a simple treat, light and Buttery. It makes me smile, or at least it used to. It doesn’t anymore.

You know those hulls, Nibs, and other nasties that come with popcorn? They bother everyone. For me, they are also a choking hazard. It has been decades since it was worth risking catching something behind my epiglottis and having it turn into something dangerous. Nope, no popcorn for me, thank you!

Until recently! Another friend with a neuromuscular disorder recommended Chester’s Puffcorn. <https://www.fritolay.com/snacks/product-page/chesters-snacks/chesters-puffcorn-butter-flavored-corn-snacks>

OH MY! (In my best George Takei voice…)

They look like popcorn. They taste like buttery popcorn. They are so light that, if I look at them too hard they dissolve.

I would have to work hard to choke on these!

One of my nephews isn’t incredibly impressed. He calls them “Cheetos without cheese.”

I Can live with that description. At least I can enjoy “popcorn” occasionally.


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