Jesus Does the Doing: Picking Christ-Centered Devotions — 2019/08/29

Rev. Peter Ill, pastor of Trinity Lutheran Church in Millstadt, Illinois, joins Andy and Sarah to talk about why we should do both devotions and attend corporate worship, what to look for in devotional material, and how to pick out if the devotional material is worthy of your time. Find the Treasury of Daily Prayer at or find the PrayNow App in your Apple or Google Play app store.

Learning About Jesus’ Love: LCC NYG — 2019/08/29

Rev. Glenn Worcester, pastor of Peace Lutheran Church in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, and Lisa Olding, Lutheran Church-Canada (LCC) National Youth Gathering Co-Chair, join Andy and Sarah to talk about the 2019 LCC National Youth Gathering, including the theme, experiences of the youth, and how this gathering strengthens community and faith for those who attend. Learn more at and read articles at and