Challenging Writers Block in Texas

I find it difficult to write, anymore. I didn’t always. I used to be able to spin a yarn, almost without trying. Since I’m stuck, I’m trying something new. I’m taking an online course called “Write The Seven Step Story.

Yeah, I know. I keep taking classes. I can think of worse addictions.

For now, I have done a rather weird bit for the first assignment. Enjoy it, or not. Let your own taste dictate.

When you live off the Gulf Coast of The Big State, you know that there are only 3 times in the year. The first is the one that starts in mid-October and goes until mid April. In the course of this clime, the air can take on any traits: hot, cool, dry, wet. It can even freeze during the month of the New Year. The next time is the rest of the year. During that time it is hot. It may be hot and dry or hot and wet, but the heat drains your energy. This time is punctuated by August. During this, heat is increased.

So, if you live off the Gulf Coast of The Big State, you go in. That’s where cool, dry air stirs ‘neath fans. That’s where cold drinks quench thirst. That’s where friends and kin tell yarns and truths. That’s where love and hate twine hand-in-hand. It is where life dwells.

Hymns of the Green Season — 2019/08/01

Matt Machemer, Associate Kantor with Concordia Theological Seminary in Fort Wayne, Indiana, joins Andy and Sarah to talk about just a few of the hymns we sing in the “Green Season” of the church and why they are great ones to sing, including Lutheran Service Book 536, 541, and 552.

Joy:fully Lutheran at the LCMS Convention — 2019/08/01

Rev. Kevin Robson, Chief Mission Officer of the LCMS, joins Andy and Sarah to talk about the exciting happenings at the 67th Regular Convention of the LCMS, including convention’s beautiful focus on the Church’s mission work both here in the U.S. and abroad, adoption of “Making Disciples for Life” as the Synod’s official mission emphasis for the coming triennium, and how the LCMS as the Church is thoroughly engaged with contemporary cultural issues. Find all convention updates and stories at