Campus Ministry Begins at the Home Church — 2019/07/31

It’s a 2-part episode on campus ministry!

Peter LeBorious, DCE, with Mount Calvary Lutheran Church in Wanner Robbins, Georgia, joins Andy and Sarah to talk about why connecting students to campus ministry before they leave for college is so important, what he aims to do in these campus visits, and how the visits have proven beneficial.

Rev. Greg Michael, Pastor of Christus Victor Lutheran Church & Student Center with the University of Georgia in Athens, Georgia, joins Andy and Sarah to talk about how he approaches campus ministry, how the initial connection between student and campus ministry can be initiated, and how important a faithful campus ministry can be for students in this time of life.

Read about Campus Ministry in Georgia in the Summer Edition of Lutherans Engage, which you can find at Find your local LCMS Campus Ministry chapter and learn more about LCMS U at