Unsettling Dream

I had a very unsettling dream last night. About 3 men, brothers, were looking for their sons. Their wives and daughters were already safe underground. When these men found their sons, they started a desperate race to get to safety before… Whatever was going to happen… Happened.

First, the cars that they were riding in quit working. Everybody on the multiple layers of freeway was in the same boat, but then they had to find tunnels that would lead to other tunnels that would lead to safety without the aid of vehicles.

They finally made it underground, but when they went through the locked door, the ceiling and far wall was open to the sky and the expected danger.

I woke up then, so I don’t know if they found safety. I don’t know if they found the rest of their family. And I don’t know if I care enough to write this as a real story.

It was just unsettling enough to get my attention.

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3 Replies to “Unsettling Dream”

  1. Do you think this was your creative mind telling the tale of blustering through life toward the thing YOU think is safety only to find its beauty to have been utterly deceiving – the least safe place of all?
    … yes, I see it as unsettling, also … I like to know the part where Jesus wins!

    1. Hey, Sondra!

      It’s a possibility. I think that it is telling that men and boys were on the outside… Where the danger was…

      Our society isn’t particularly good to man, woman, boy, girl… Or anything living.

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