Lisa Recommends: Ancient Alchemy Soaps

Oh my goodness! I did not expect to receive this package so quickly! I ordered one bar of the SWEETGRASS SUCCESS INTENTION soap and the LILAC, VIOLET & BLUE VERVAIN Wylde Faerie SOAP.

I am very comfortable recommending Ancient Alchemy Soaps. The fragrances are even lovelier than I hoped! When I opened the packages, little bits of potpourri -like dried flowers came out. I’m sure they were the ingredients that made these handmade bath bars extra special. To the touch, they feel good. I haven’t used them yet, I wanted to share my delight with this online store. I might be able to give you more details tomorrow…

Learning the Language of Music — 2019/07/29

Emmy Woock, Director of Music Ministries at Redeemer Lutheran Church in Elmhurst, Illinois, joins Andy and Sarah to talk about why music literacy is so important for children, how learning the language of music inspires children to learn and create on their own, and how teaching music educators how to teach things like Conversational Solfege™ can make an impact on many children in Lutheran schools. Learn more about music literacy and Conversational Solfege™ at

Pastor Saves a Life with a Lutheran Liver — 2019/07/29

Rev. Matt Hoffmann, pastor of St. Andrews Lutheran Church & School in Park Ridge, Illinois, joins Andy and Sarah to share the story of how he learned a parent in St. Andrews’ Preschool needed a liver transplant, how he decided to be tested as a donor, and how his church community and family supported all of them through the process. Read more of the story on the Chicago Tribune.