My Face Is Tired!

I’m not really in the mood to write anything today, probably because I am a little bit tired and my jaw is recovering.

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You see, I had speech therapy today. Emily (my speech therapist) is trying to help me strengthen my swallowing muscles. It was an interesting session. It started out with her massaging along my entire jawbone on both sides. It was pressure where my jaw connected to the skull, until that relaxed a little bit. Then, she worked the connective tissue and muscles down the side toward the jawbone.

Then we did some swallowing exercises. First was EFFORTFUL SWALLOW. I had to swallow fast and hard, using ALL of my throat muscles. Believe it or not, that’s tricky to do. I’m supposed to do a minimum of 30 of those per set.

Next came TONGUE HOLD. There’s two ways to do that one. When I’m alone, I need to stick my tongue out between my teeth and swallow while holding my tongue in place. I never got that one completely right, I kept giggling. The other version is to stick my tongue out and have somebody else grab it. (Only really good friends are going to want to try that, even with paper towels and gloves. This exercise needs to happen in sets of 10.

Then came JAW OPENING. It sounds like just what it is: open my mouth is wide as I can and stretch for 3 seconds. This one happens in sets of 10.

Then came LINGUAL RESISTANCE. I’m supposed to press my tongue hard against a tongue depressor, first on the left and then the right. This happens in sets of 10, too.

Finally came LINGUAL RANGE OF MOTION. I had to stick my tongue out as far as I could, and hold it there for 3 seconds. Then I had to move it all the way to the left, all the way to the right, all the way up, and all the way down. I was supposed to hold it for 2 seconds at each position. This is supposed to happen in sets of 10. (I’ll probably be quite popular among little kids and simians…)

So… My face had a workout. My face is tired. And that’s HYSTERICAL to me.

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