Do You Vote with Your Dollars?

Do you vote with your dollars? How do you know if the places where you spend your money support your Christian beliefs? We vote first at the ballot box, and then second at each business we support. 2ndVote keeps rates for hundreds of companies so you can be an informed consumer of products and services. Robert Kuykendall, spokeseman for 2ndVote, joins moderator Kip Allen to talk about how we can spend wisely. Learn more about 2ndVote and download their app at

Living Fully and Serving Others in Later Years — 2019/06/19

Mollie Clark, Director of Marketing for Perry Lutheran Home in Perry, Iowa, joins Andy and Sarah to talk about the prayer crosses that resident make to give out to those who need them, the experiences of residents as they serve in this way, and how Perry Lutheran Home emphasizes living fully into later years of life. Read about this ongoing servant project at Learn more about Perry Lutheran Home at and

Lord, Thee I Love With All My Heart — 2019/06/19

Kelly Schumacher, Liturgical Artist of Agnus Dei Liturgical Arts, joins Andy and Sarah to talk about her latest children’s book “Lord, Thee I Love With All My Heart” from Kloria Publishing, how she chose this hymn to illustrate, and the story behind the illustrations in the book. Find this book at and find all of Kelly’s work at