I Hate Summer Colds!

I’ve been off-line since my last Spinraza treatment. I’m sick. I have one of those horrid summer colds!
Yesterday, my niece was helping me turn, and she had her hand on my rib cage. She said, “Your breathing feels like a cat purring.”
The sad thing is… She’s RIGHT! I had been saying that I sound like I inhaled an aquarium, but I like her description better.

Today’s Business, Convention Resolutions, Election Status — 2019/06/10

Rev. Dr. John Sias, Secretary of The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod, joins Andy and Sarah to talk about the latest Synod Convention news, including floor committee and the resulting resolutions for convention, the next step for these resolutions, and where we are in the process of all elections. Read the first issue of “Today’s Business,” now available along with the Convention Workbook and candidate bios at lcms.org/convention.

Chemical Abortion and Its Effect on Women’s Health — 2019/06/10

Dr. Donna Harrison, Executive Director of the American Association of Pro-Life Obstetricians and Gynecologists (AAPLOG), joins Andy and Sarah to talk about how elective drug-induced abortions were introduced into the United States, how Mifeprex was shuffled through FDA regulations to the detriment of women, and recent research on the effects of drug-induced elective abortion. Read more and find the research at aaplog.org/new-research-shows-potential-for-mental-and-physical-harm-to-women-who-undergo-drug-induced-elective-abortions.