Listening to a Sermon: Part 1 – Preparation (Rebroadcast) — 2019/06/28

Rev. Phil Hoppe, Pastor of Peace Lutheran Church in Finlayson and St. Paul’s Lutheran Church in Bruno, Minnesota, and co-author of, joins Andy and Sarah in the first part of a four-part series on listening to a sermon. In this episode, Pastor Hoppe talks about preparing to listen to a sermon, resources that are helpful, and if you can help your pastor prepare for the sermon. Find the LCMS Lectionary Summaries at

Find all four episodes in this series with the tag “Sermon Listening.”

This is a rebroadcast from November 6, 2018.

Church Worker Wellness Series: Vacation (Rebroadcast) — 2019/06/28

Deaconess Heidi Goehmann, LMHP, LCSW, joins Andy and Sarah for the third installment in our Church Worker Wellness series about the intersections in the ministry house. Today’s conversation covers vacation, including whether or not church workers actually get vacation. (Spoiler alert: They do.) Find Heidi’s “Ministry Talks” on Youtube to experience all of her guidance, and search the tag “Church Worker Wellness” on to find all of the episodes in this series. Find the book Life in the Fishbowl: Building Up Church Workers on

This is a rebroadcast from May 16, 2018.

All Things Conventional, Online — 2019/06/27

Peter Slayton, Social Media Manager for the LCMS, joins Andy and Sarah to talk about how everyone can follow the 67th Regular Convention of the LCMS online. Find absolutely everything (or links to everything) here, including Livestream Video, KFUO Radio reports, Reporter News, Schedule, Facebook, and Twitter. The place on Facebook to follow all convention proceedings. The place on Twitter for all convention proceedings, resolutions, and general discussion.

Sisters in Christ in Nigeria — 2019/06/27

Mrs. Offiong Ekong— Wife of Archbishop, the Most Reverend Christian Ekong, and leader of pastors’ wives conferences, and Deaconess Uduak Effiong Essien— Deaconess & Secretary of Lutheran Women Fellowship of Lutheran Church of Nigeria, join Sarah to talk about the Lutheran Women Fellowship in Nigeria, the role of women and Deaconesses in mercy work, and how pastors’ wives conferences build up with group of women in the church.

The Lutheran Church of Nigeria started in 1936 and has grown to 339 congregations in 38 districts with over 80,000 baptized members and 72 pastors.

Deaconesses play an important role in the mercy work of the church, and there are 438 commissioned deaconesses in the Lutheran Church of Nigeria. They are working with Deaconess Grace Rao at the The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod to receive theological training for all 438 women. The Lutheran Church of Nigeria’s Lutheran Women Fellowship is similar to the LWML in the LCMS.

The Lutheran Church in Nigeria has the Jonathan Ekong Memorial Lutheran Seminary, which is incredibly important to the church body and is supported by various Lutheran organizations, including the LCMS, International Lutheran Council, Lutheran Heritage Foundation and the LWML.

The Family Altar — 2019/06/26

Rev. Greg Truwe, pastor of Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church in Cole Camp, Missouri, joins Sarah to talk about what a family altar is, why it’s important in a Christian home, and ways to start using a family altar in your own home. Find resources like Bibles, hymnals, and devotional books at

Bridges and Bottle Rockets: Family STEM Activities — 2019/06/26

Nikki Kueck, principal at Faith Lutheran High School of Central Texas, joins Sarah to talk about STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) activities for kids, why these activities benefit all kids, and how parents can do fun STEM activities at home with their kids. Find STEM books at your local library or search online to find great activities!

Vocation: [_____]’s Wife — 2019/06/25

Rachel Bomberger, former editor of the Lutheran Witness and now Navy Chaplain’s wife, joins Sarah to talk about the vocation of wife, how this changes throughout life, and her experiences through different stages of life with her husband, Ken. Join us in wishing God’s blessing to them and their children as they embark on a new journey in service to God.

Winning Summer Family Budgeting — 2019/06/25

Kristen Whirrett, blogger at, joins Sarah to talk about how family budgets can be affected over the summer, ways to prepare for additional summer expenses, and great tips for free or inexpensive summer activities for families. Read more from Kristen at

Narcissism, Gnosticism, and Congregational Social Media — 2019/06/24

Rev. Merritt Demski, pastor of Immanuel Lutheran Church in Waterloo, Illinois, joins Sarah to talk about the role of social media in a congregation, some common pitfalls that pastors and congregations can fall into, and examples of how to do social media well while staying focused on Christ crucified.

Lutheran Fellowship in Cambodia — 2019/06/24

J.P. and Aimee Cima, who serve the Lord in the Kingdom of Cambodia along with their 3 children, join Sarah to talk about the work they do with the Cambodia Lutheran Church and mission work at large in the Asia region, what life is like in Cambodia, and what is most enjoyable about working on the mission field for 12 years. Learn more about them at and follow their story at