Make Hope Happen — 2019/04/29

Phil Zielke, founder of Phil’s Friends, joins Andy and Sarah to talk about his story of being a cancer survivor, how Phil’s Friends started, and how congregations and individuals can get involved. Learn more, including how to volunteer and follow their work on social media, at

How Old is the Earth? — 2019/04/29

Rev. Dr. Joel Heck, Professor of Theology at Concordia University Texas and co-founder of the Society of Creation, joins Andy and Sarah to talk about why the age of the Earth matters, some different theories about the age of the Earth, and the upcoming Society of Creation Conference in June at the LCMS International Center in St. Louis. Read about this conference at and learn about the Society of Creation at and

Lisa Reads: The Complete Sherlock Holmes – The Heirloom Collection

Lisa Reads: The Complete Sherlock Holmes – The Heirloom Collection

By: Arthur Conan Doyle

This was another L-O-N-G audiobook, 58 hours to be specific. It didn’t feel that long, though. It is a collection of short stories and novellas about the great detective. It looks like it contains most, if not all of of Sherlock Holmes works from the Victorian age into the 1920s. Most of them were like familiar old friends that I haven’t spent time with in a while. A few were more like new acquaintances, a couple of these felt kind of awkward.

There were several stories where Sherlock Holmes himself was the narrator. Nary a Dr. Watson in sight!

By the time I had finished the entire 58 hours, I was kind of tired of living in the Victorian/Edwardian mindset. Well I read it again? ABSOLUTELY yes. I put it on my cell phone for a while I am waiting in doctors’ offices…

Spinraza II

The second loading dose of Spinraza is in the rearview mirror and the third dose is in front of me.

It went smoothly again. I don’t know that I will ever think of transforaminal lumbar punctures as ROUTINE, but I might be able to get comfortable with them. It’s a good thing… Spinraza isn’t a magic bullet. It’s not “one and done.” It’s a little bit more like insulin is to the diabetic.

I can live with that!

I do think I am seeing benefits. Granted, I’m not benchpressing anything yet. I have not been climbing ladders or stairs.

Things are much more subtle. I had WAY more than 50 years of muscle disintegration. It’s a bit much to expect instant superhero.

My breathing is better. I think my thumbs have fractionally more strength. It’s possible that my digestive tract is becoming more manageable.

All wins, in my book!

Friday Sharathon Edition — 2019/04/26

On Sharathon today, Rev. Charles Henrickson and Rev. Marcus Zill join Sarah Gulseth to talk about the mission of KFUO Radio and encourage you to support us. Give today at

Thursday Sharathon Edition — 2019/04/25

On Sharathon today, Rev. Michael Meyer and Kelly Schumacher join Sarah Gulseth to talk about the mission of KFUO Radio and encourage you to support us. Give today at

National Volunteer Month: LCMS Operation Barnabas — 2019/04/24

Dawn Hawk and Paul Lindberg, Operation Barnabas volunteers at Catalina Lutheran Church in Tuscon, Arizona, join Andy and Sarah during National Volunteer Month to talk about how Operation Barnabas makes a difference for veterans in Tuscon, the needs of veterans in their community, an how this opportunity has been a joyful way to serve the community. Learn more about LCMS Operation Barnabas at Find stories on Facebook of volunteers around the LCMS using the hashtag #LCMSVolunteers. Find out how you can serve as a volunteer in a variety of ways at home or around the globe at

Run for Fun and CFNA — 2019/04/24

Kerry Pozaric, business manager for Christian Friends of New Americans (CFNA), joins Andy and Sarah to talk about the work of CFNA, ways the community and churches can volunteer, and stories from participants of the 5K Run and Walk. Find details and register at

Easter in Combat — 2019/04/23

Chaplain Craig Muehler, Director of LCMS Ministry to the Armed Forces, joins Andy and Sarah to share about his experiences as a deployed military chaplain during Lent and Easter, how services in the midst of battle are both similar and vastly different to services at home, and how military chaplains are incredibly important to our service members. Learn more about LCMS Ministry to the Armed Forces (MAF) at Interested in military chaplaincy? Contact LCMS MAF at