100 Greek Words Every Christian Should Know — 2019/02/28

Rev. Mark Birkholz, pastor of Faith Evangelical Lutheran Church in Oak Lawn, Illinois, joins Andy and Sarah to talk about why learning some words in Biblical (Koine) Greek can be very useful for study, how Biblical Greek is different than Greek today, and what attendees will come away with after attending his seminary on March 9 from 9 a.m. – 2 p.m. Find details and register at facebook.com/events/1332535456887630, and you can also send an email to Pastor Birkholz at greek@faithoaklawn.org to register.

Bible Studies, Fried Food, and Real Masculinity — 2019/02/28

Luke Vandercar, Men’s Gathering organizer, joins Andy and Sarah to talk about the fantastic opportunities for men to gather together and study scripture, learn about real and true masculinity with Rev. Jeff Hemmer, bond over (maybe slightly dangerous) physical activities, have opportunities to give back, and eat lots of food at the annual Men’s Gathering. Find Pastor Hemmer’s book at books.cph.org/manup. The gathering is April 5-7 at Lakeview Villages in Seymour, Indiana. Find details and register at mensgathering.us.