Happy “Margarita Day” and Happy “Walk Your Dog” Day!

Yep, today we get Two fun things to celebrate. Pour yourself a margarita and take your four-legged buddy on an extra nice walk.

A picture of Snoopy

My old buddy, Snoopy, would have agreed! Currently, I am not a pet-Guardian on my own.

Before I take on the responsibility again, I need to do some learning and figure out how to do things better. Meanwhile, I get to share the home with Cooper, a gentle follow who is a great delight.

Meanwhile, until I’m ready to take on the responsibility, here are Dog-related Books I Want to Read:

(Yes, I understand that some of the training methods in this book have received critique. Things DO change. I still want to look at the history of dog training methods.)

a picture of a dog


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  1. UNDERSTANDING YOUR DOG would probably be more authoritative if it been written by Michael Shepherd, maybe. Or Michael Spitz. Or maybe Michael Doberman.

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