Wellness for the Church Work Student — 2019/02/05

Deaconess Heidi Goehmann, LCSW, MSW, of ilovemyshepherd.com, joins Andy and Sarah to talk about wellness for the church work student, including why it’s important to start wellness habits while still in college, tips for finding a mentor, and how wellness habits benefit the future vocation of church workers. Read resources about Church Worker Wellness at lcms.org/wellness.

This episode is part of an ongoing Church Worker Wellness series with Deaconess Heidi Goehmann. Find more episodes in this series with the tag “Church Worker Wellness.”

Specialized Education for Children — 2019/02/05

Jackie Smith, Executive Director of LASE Specialized Education in St. Louis, Missouri, joins Andy and Sarah to talk about typical evaluations for special needs for students, what parents can do to start the evaluation process, and how LASE supports families through the education process. Read the article mentioned in this conversation at wcpastl.com/a-parents-call-to-action-10-reasons-not-to-avoid-evaluation-and-treatment-for-your-childs-academic-behavioral-or-emotional-problem. Learn more about LASE Specialized Education at lutheranspecialed.org and facebook.com/LASESpecializedEducation.