Happy “Peanut Butter Day”!

I am entertained and surprised by the various things we celebrate. It’s to the point where I don’t even have to search for them anymore, they come to me. (That scary thought could be the subject of another post, but I don’t want to do that one tonight.)

Apparently, today is PEANUT BUTTER DAY.

I didn’t necessarily intend to make it a point to celebrate, but we are eating a fresh batch of peanut butter cookies. 80 cookies came out of the oven. I’m wondering how many days they will last…

Here are some other entertaining recipes in honor of the day:

National Lutheran Schools Week — 2019/01/24

Dr. Becky Schmidt, Director of School Ministry with the LCMS Office of National Mission, joins Sarah and guest co-host Rachel Bomberger, managing editor of the Lutheran Witness, to talk about what makes Lutheran Schools integral to our communities, the festivities that happen during National Lutheran Schools Week, and why this week is important for our Lutheran school families. Find resources at lcms.org/lutheranschoolsweek and learn more about LCMS School Ministry at lcms.org/schoolministry. Follow LCMS School Ministry to see NLSW updates and to join in the National Sing-A-Long at facebook.com/LCMSschools. Don’t forget to use your hashtags #NLSW19 #LuthEd!