Lisa Reads: A Clash of Kings

I don’t know what to say about this book.

Yes, I enjoyed it. I am utterly impressed by the various writing skills that GRRM mastered. He has added even more characters to the saga. His world is complicated. There’s another conflict at just about every third word. AND HE KEEPS IT ALL STRAIGHT!

I was going to say that it was slightly less bloody than “Game of Thrones,” but that’s not true. There’s splattering gore all over the place. TONS of familiar characters are dead, and… I’m glad some of them are. Others, I’m heartbroken.

Perhaps I’m just reacting to the fact that so many of the ones that I expected to be dead, simply aren’t.

Nothing is what it seems in these books.


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  1. You got it. On one hand, with GRRM, you never see it coming. On the other hand, once it comes you realize that he’s been telling you that it was going to happen for the last two books!

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