Still Fighting a Cold

An Embroidery Illustration of What Lungs Look Like
An Embroidery Illustration of What Lungs Look Like

I have had a hideous cold since January 3. I probably should have gone to the doctor, but I am as stubborn as all get out. I’ve been taking it easy and drinking water. It still sounds like I have inhaled an aquarium!

Yesterday, though, I had a doctor’s appointment to change my tracheostomy tube. After he did that, Dr. C listened to my lungs and prescribed a broad spectrum antibiotic. I took the first dose (one dose daily for five days) and today was the first day I woke up without needing suctioning.

Maybe I have turned a corner!

This really has put a cramp on all my writing goals. My energy level and attention span have been quite low.

Again, today, that has improved. I have logged about 500 words today. That doesn’t help with the 14 days that I didn’t do much, though. Still, I still have time to catch up with my goal of writing 100,000 words this year. That’s almost 8500 per month. It is almost doable.

I also got some more interesting news! In August, it turned out that I couldn’t take Spinraza because they couldn’t get through my spinal fusion. Here is the latest info:

the latest on Spinraza for me
The latest on Spinraza for me

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