I Need to Come up with More Ideas for Attendant/Caregiver Searching

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Like most people with SMA2, I started to learn how to hire and train caregivers at a young age. I was 12. I didn’t particularly care to wear the “Human Resources” at at that age.

I still don’t.

I DO prefer it to finding out what agencies will send me. Usually, they have been unfair to the caregivers and to me. Often, they send people  from 35 minutes away for a very short time. The worst experience I’ve had with agencies is what they told me to go buy a 10-year-old girl. (I pretty much decided to ignore them ever since!)

I am probably using rose-colored glasses when I look back on those days. It seemed to me that ONLY having the option to post jobs in a newspaper worked better than all the options we have now.

Here is my current list of posting places, along with a few comments.:

  • I rarely use it, but probably have to include CraigsList in the mix. I have never had good luck here, but it is so widely used that I have to mention it.
  • I am also not particularly impressed with Care.com, although I have gotten two wonderful caregivers through it. Wading through all the gamesmanship there is discouraging.
  • ClassifiedNY.com has listings for free all over the US. It’s a little bit different, I am testing it now. Why do I suspect that it will be worth every penny I’m paying? Maybe I’m just cynical…
  • One of the newer places geared specifically for finding caregivers is HireMyCare.org. Since it is new, they don’t seem to have a lot of people in all areas, and it is skimpy around here. It has potential… I HOPE!
  • I don’t know what to make of Oodle, but I like that I can link the advertisements here with Facebook.

What resources have you come across? Feel free to add them here… I will also add more in the comments.

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