When it comes to writing, I’m still my own worst enemy

It seems to be so much easier to talk about what I’m going to write than it is to actually write!

Don’t get me wrong, I do have some successes. For example, last Tuesday scored me some points in my own mind. In addition to all my everyday stuff, I wrote 250 words on one project and accomplished some serious outlining on another. It just seems that days like this are few and far between. I don’t think that I am very disciplined.

Wednesday and Thursday? I accomplished very little in the area of writing. I helped Mother with her computer, a very worthwhile thing to do. It just isn’t WRITING. I fixed some of the problems with my computer, which does help me write. It was worth doing, it just isn’t WRITING! I installed software updates. I just didn’t WRITE.

On the other hand, a friend trusted me to critique his novel. I haven’t gotten very far reading it in the “first pass,” but I’m enjoying it. I have noticed more things that have been done well then things that need reconsideration and revising.

Today seems to be another day that I’m looking for excuses. I am moving slowly. I think part of that is that I’m not breathing well. I also have sciatic pain down one leg. Both of these things will impact my word output.

But, I HAVE written 250 words on one of my projects so far. Maybe I’m not the worst writer on the planet when it comes to procrastination after all!

A Follow-Up from Sunday School by My Pastor

While I miss teaching Sunday School, I deeply appreciate the opportunity to listen in and participate with Pastor Hull’s adult Sunday school/Bible class. We are currently going through the Gospel of John.

Since he encourages us to “think theologically,” he encourages questions. Sometimes they go up and down rabbit trails, but eventually, we come back to the point. One of the rabbit trails on Sunday a week ago was about contemporary Christian music.

I find it trite and shallow for the most part, but my taste is not the determining factor. (That probably is a very good thing!) 🙂 If it was up to me, CCM would probably be limited to the weakest radio stations in the lowest bandwidth Internet outlets.

And yet… That isn’t the core of the issue. One of the justifications was that, since you aren’t doing something overtly bad, you are doing something good. Another of the justifications was that, since the Name of Jesus is mentioned, it is a good thing.

I’m not so sure about that. IF the mere mention of Jesus Name is a good thing, we would encourage cussing. It isn’t the mere mention! It’s reverence, delight, thankfulness, repentance that spills out THE NAME OF JESUS.

Your mileage may vary! Listen to what Pastor Hull has to say for yourself.