Here I Am

-Here I am –
-Here I am –

Happy Thursday, I think! I hope everything is going well in your world. My own has a few bumps, and I will discuss those another day.

My writing… Is at a standstill for a while. I had to take some time to juggle stuff, and I will go back to it. Of course, I’m always doodling with words in my head. It just doesn’t count until they hit the screen and get edited. Beginning tomorrow, I went to doodle 100 words a day, three days a week.
I got to go to Bible study last night, though. I really enjoyed it! It is still on PRAYER, and is incredibly rich. It also points out where I am free to make changes.
Then today, I found a nifty resource in my Bible study software. It compares the different ways of enumerating the 10 Commandments:

Counting the Ten Commandments. (2014). Bellingham, WA: Faithlife.

I will have to talk about those one day, but not today.