Snoopy is no longer with us


Sermon: 16th Sunday after Trinity


16th Sunday After Trinity Text: Luke 7:11-17 Rev. Michael Daniels Zion (LCMS) Lutheran Church in Tomball Texas [CLICK HERE] to watch/listen to the sermon. A new window will open.

Snoopy’s Adventure for Today


Some of you know my long-time buddy, Snoopy. We think he is part Chihuahua, part Corgi, if anyone cares. He has been hanging around with us for about 15 years. When we got him from the rescue group, they said that he was about three years old. That makes him “not exactly a spring chicken.”…



‘The great mystery of Ephesians 6 is that God bestows his own armor on his people. The medium of the great gift is first Jesus Christ, God’s Champion, who is depicted by the OT and the NT as clothed in the same armor as YHWH, wielding his ferocious long sword against his people’s enemies (Is…

Learning to use a telephone

Technology for Me

For years, I’ve been working on the assumption that I cannot use a cell phone. I can’t swipe or pinch or twiddle various thingies. After seeing what people post, I didn’t particularly think I was missing out on much. Then… I discovered the awful truth! I WAS WRONG! There is a device called TECLA.  Tecla…

A quote to ponder today…


The order to “stand” that pervades Ephesians 6:11–14 does not imply that Christian soldiers are given a special tactic by which they are able to defend themselves, but rather teaches them that the battle is the Lord’s. They are to stand back and watch him win the victory for them (cf. הִֽתְיַצְב֗וּ, “stand firm!” in…

Had you heard about Camp Courage?




I was over at last month when I noticed their “STORY A DAY” thingy. I was fascinated by the number of people who planned on writing 31 stories in May. I restrained myself, I only planned on writing 5 during the month. I succeeded in writing zero. Zip. Nada. My streak for the year is…

When it comes to writing, I’m still my own worst enemy


It seems to be so much easier to talk about what I’m going to write than it is to actually write! Don’t get me wrong, I do have some successes. For example, last Tuesday scored me some points in my own mind. In addition to all my everyday stuff, I wrote 250 words on one…

A Follow-Up from Sunday School by My Pastor

Sunday School 2.0

While I miss teaching Sunday School, I deeply appreciate the opportunity to listen in and participate with Pastor Hull’s adult Sunday school/Bible class. We are currently going through the Gospel of John. Since he encourages us to “think theologically,” he encourages questions. Sometimes they go up and down rabbit trails, but eventually, we come back…

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Great Expectations
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