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Last Lesson in 1 Corinthians before Summer Break

Bible Class

Galloping Along in 1 Corinthians

Bible Class

I guess I will never be able to claim that I am a Luddite. I took a selfie on the way to church and in Bible class. I look so ridiculously stern in the one on the left, but I was trying to figure out how to make my phone work. I always look like…

I Thought That I Missed a Week of Posting, but I Guess Not…

Bible Class

This weekend, we also celebrated the 90th birthday of She-who-does-not-like-her-name-on-the-Internet. It was nice. I think everybody had a good time. We are all tired. I will dedicate a complete post to her celebration a little bit later. .

Finishing 1 Corinthians 1:30, Moving on to 31

Bible Class

Bible study was excellent, again. I just don’t remember as much as I want to. We also celebrated Mother’s birthday. Apparently, not as months moved from my mental long-term storage into short-term storage as sometimes happens.

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