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Disability-related, Finding Helper

Woodlands Online Jobs Market – Job Listing – Part-Time Care…  #HelpLisa

I’m Looking for a Helper

Disability-related, Finding Helper

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Guess Who Is in the Wheelchair Today?


        Happy Monday! I am celebrating, indeed! Today is the first time I have been in the wheelchair for anything other than going to the emergency room in about 10 billion years. Okay, it was only mid-January or late January. It just feels like a reprieve from a horizontal prison. Maybe I…

I Have Been Missing in Action

Church, This Website, Writing

I haven’t been in this blog since early January. Part of that is because I was just goofing around, avoiding writing and writing blogs. Six weeks of that time, I was in the hospital. READ THIS for more gory details. Catching up from being in the hospital is taking more time than I planned, to…

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Great Expectations
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