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Trying to Let a Snowflake Fractal into My Life


I have been hearing about “the Snowflake Method” of plotting a novel for years. Once I even dedicated a whole five minutes to trying a snowflake outline, but it didn’t work for me. (Five minutes is not what it takes to do this process! It takes that long to think about thinking about taking step…

Review: Spirituality of the Cross Revised Edition


Spirituality of the Cross Revised Edition by Gene Edward Veith Jr. My rating: 5 of 5 stars I tend to reread this every few years. It’s worth my time to do so this regularly. For starters, it is encouraging. It is so refreshing to reread how much effort GOD HIMSELF has put into our salvation,…

My RESOLUTIONS for the year…

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Writing and Reading still go hand in hand, at least in my head. Reading is easier for me, unless I’m doing it with a specific purpose. That makes it easier for me to simplify things, I’m combining my multilayered lists into one simple one. It will combine reading and writing goals. That doesn’t mean that…

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Great Expectations
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