Beginning Again

Lisa as "Helva, the Spaceborne"

Yes, I successfully blew up my website. I don’t know what I did, but it quit working.

Lisa as "Helva, the Spaceborne"
Lisa as “Helva, the Spaceborne”

It only goes to prove that I know just enough to be dangerous! #ZionTomballTX ought to be aware of this tendency. 😉

Oh well, this allows me to begin again. Maybe I can be less pompous, allowing some of my mischievous side out. Granted, I will keep on attempting to write. I will keep on doing website stuff for myself and ZionTomball. I will keep on enjoying doctrine and theology and history. I will keep on enjoying teaching.

And books…

It’s even possible that I will talk about books. Some of you may recognize my reference to “Helva.” Anne McCaffrey wrote a fun story called, “The Ship Who Sang.”


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